These instructions assume the machine is currently powered on, MAD GUI has been configured, and is connected to the control.

After generating an ngc file, we are ready to cut. For help generating a program file, see the video tutorials.

The following two tasks are performed any time power to the servo motors has been removed:

The next five tasks represent the typical load-locate-cut workflow and are repeated unless power to the servo motors is removed:

Power on the Amplifiers

Click the Amplifier Power On button. There will be an audible "clunk" sound as the contactor pulls in, and the servo motors power up. The power button will turn Green.


Home the Machine Axes

There are two methods of homing the machine axes.


Do not interrupt the homing process unless you intend to restart homing using another method. During homing you should not load programs, or try to jog the machine.

Method 1 - Slow, but Easy...

Click the Home All button and wait patiently. Wait a long time if the machine table is large and the head is far away from the home position. We can do better...

  • Click the Home Z button. Once the Z-Axis homing is complete, the jog controls become enabled.
  • Use the jog controls to move the machine near the home position.


Until an axis is homed, it is possible to crash the machine while jogging. Pay close attention while jogging toward the home location.

  • Click the Home All button and wait for the machine to complete the homing process.


Load a Program


  • Choose the file you wish to run from the file browser.

After selecting a file, MAD GUI uploads the program to the control where it is checked for syntax errors.

Set Work-Offset Location

Plasma Cutting

By default, the SheetCam post processor uses G54 as the work coordinate.

Jog the torch to the desired position on the plate and click the Set Zero button in the Work-Offset Controls group.

Select Plasma Settings

Select appropriate plasma settings using the selection boxes, or manually enter appropriate values.


Unsupported Plasma?

If your plasma unit is not supported by JD Squared, you may manually enter the manufacturer's recommended cut settings to operate the machine. Our list of available plasma units is growing, contact customer support for the latest information.

Dry Run Program (Optional)



  • Press the Stop Button to stop verification and return to the beginning of the program.

Run Program

Eye Protection

The plasma arc is very bright. Always wear eye protection.

Recovering from a Crash